image493493Steps for Primary Veterinarians

1. Call – Please call and speak with one of our specialists or emergency doctors about the case you are referring over. Our team is available to speak with you to work together to assess the next best steps needed for your patient’s care. Partnering with our team ahead of time allows us to prepare appropriately for your client and their pet.

2. Fax or email – Please fax a completed Veterinarian Referral Form to the SAGE facility you are sending the case to. Please include the patient’s most recent medical history and all copies of lab work done, as soon as possible. This will allow our specialists to review the records prior to the appointment and provide them with time to ask you questions before your client arrives with their pet..

3. Radiographs

  • We recommend that you have the clients bring any radiographs that you have taken with them to the visit. We will have the clients return these radiographs to you after the visit.
  • If you have digital radiography at your clinic, the client can bring a CD with them to the appointment or you can email the radiographs to our offices ahead of time.

Please call SAGE for instructions to assure the radiographs arrive in time for the appointment.