neurology-sageAt SAGE, we have a team of skilled and talented veterinary neurologists trained to diagnose and treat diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles. Our neurologists commonly treat diseases such as epilepsy, intervertebral disc disease (i.e. a slipped disc), meningitis, and neuromuscular diseases, as well as tumors of the brain and spine. At your appointment with a SAGE neurologist, you can expect your specialist to review your pet’s records, perform a neurologic examination, and discuss further testing.

SAGE neurologists are experienced in a variety of surgical procedures including surgery for intervertebral disc disease, tumor removal from the brain and spine, corrective surgery for Chiari malformation (commonly seen in some small breed dogs) and spinal fracture repair. We also perform screening hearing exams for dogs prone to hearing loss, called Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response testing (BAER). Often in neurology, imaging of the spine or brain is necessary through advanced diagnostics such as CT or MRI scan. All of our centers have on-site CT scanners. MRI scans are performed through our close relationship with Animal Scan, located in both Campbell and Redwood City. Should your pet be suffering from a condition of the nerves or muscles, all of our neurologists have a full electrodiagnostic testing suite on site. Your neurologist will discuss all of the diagnostics and treatments they feel are appropriate for your pet’s condition at your appointment.

If your dog is being seen because of a seizure disorder, please fill out the Seizure Questionnaire and bring it with you to your appointment.

Neurology services are offered in Campbell by Dr. Christina Vitale, and in Redwood City by Dr. Starr Cameron.