ca_rehabSAGE provides physical rehabilitation to help pets recover from surgery and injury. This is much like the practice of physical therapy in human medicine; however, the term “physical therapy” applies only to humans.

Physical rehabilitation is the science of movement – it aims to maximize the ability to move around in one’s environment and perform daily activities. For a dog, daily activities include walking, running, playing, getting on/off furniture, grooming, or even specific jobs for working dogs. Following surgery, injury, or even just with age, these basic activities can be quite challenging. Our certified canine rehabilitation therapists – either a veterinarian certified in rehab or a licensed physical therapist, will assess your pet to find where s/he is having issues and will create a personalized rehabilitation plan around your pet’s specific needs and goals. Dogs are certainly the most common patients in physical rehabilitation, though we do work with cats and other animals as well.

Physical rehabilitation uses a variety of activities and modalities to work towards your pet’s goals. We offer low level laser therapy, neuromuscular stimulation for strengthening or neurological re-education, manual therapy techniques, custom orthotic fabrication and fitting, therapeutic exercise, balance and proprioception (awareness of one’s body in space) training, and gait training in and out of the underwater treadmill. By improving strength, balance, and coordination, and minimizing pain, physical rehabilitation helps pets return to their favorite activities.

Physical Rehabilitation services are offered in our Campbell hospital by Dr. Jill Kuhl and Margot Daly, DVM, CCRP, and in Redwood City by Dr. Jenny Jones.